Oslo Negativ
Ingrid Eggen

Det Gamle Biblioteket

Ingrid Eggen (b. 1979, NO) explores non-verbal communication and symbolism, often by breaking down and distorting body language. She is especially interested in our bodies involuntary actions, the ones we deem irrational. In reflexes and instincts and in the unspoken messages they convey. With the help of performative methods, she looks into movements and actions where the body’s natural anatomy, non-verbal language and use of gestures and symbols are displaced, dissolved and twisted.

Recent solo exhibitions include Fotografihuset at Sukkerbiten (2020), Noplace (2020), Sandefjord Art Center (2020), gallery Knipsu, Bergen (2018) and MELK, Oslo (2018). Eggen’s work has recently been acquired by the National Museum in Norway, Møllersamlingen and KORO.

MELK is proud to present the Norwegian artist Ingrid Eggen at the newly established photo festival Oslo Negativ. The presentation is a preview of Ingrid Eggen’s work aligning with her solo exhibition at MELK, which opens on October 15.

With over 12.000 square meters, Oslo Negativ will show 23 exhibitions by galleries and institutions at the old library (Det Gamle Biblioteket) in Oslo in October.

The audience will be given the opportunity to see the library’s many hidden rooms and corridors where the exhibitors have used the existing and historical architecture to create unique presentations.

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