New Visions, The Henie Onstad Triennial for Photography and New Media, co-curated by MELK
Why Photography?
Andreas Meinich - A Wave From It All
Javier Barrios - No Golden Age Without Gold
Erik Gustafsson - Color Field
Thora Dolven Balke - FLOW
Lina Scheynius - Crystalline
Geir Moseid - Undertaking
suddenly gave the effect of sunlight
John Cage, Nora Joung, Ignas Krunglevicius,
Kamilla Langeland, Susanne M. Winterling
Tokonoma - Randi Nygård - Sikt, sjikt, dikt
Carl Oliver Ander - Accidents and Aftermath
Kaja Leijon - White Dust
Ola Rindal - Paris
Tokonoma - Martin White - Dust Biter
Linn Pedersen - Captain's Cabin
Anouk Kruithof and Erin M. Riley, Buffering
MILKSHAKE #3 - curated for Golsa, Oslo
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - Recent Works and Other Myths
Javier Barrios - ANTHROPOS - book launch
Mårten Lange – The Mechanism
Dislocating Surfaces
Curated for CENART, Mexico City
André Tehrani – Hard Copy
Kamilla Langeland – Cuckoo in the weed warbler’s nest
Vårutstillingen 2017
The National Juried Spring Exhibition 2017
Ingrid Eggen – KNAX
Markus von Platen – Harvest
Flemming Ove Bech – Manoeuvres
Sandra Vaka Olsen – Jugs
Kristina Bengtsson – Footnotes
Ole Martin Lund Bø – Ping pong belong
Dislocating Surfaces
Curated for Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
New Scandinavian Photography
Black Dog Publishing 2015
Edited by Bjarne Bare and Behzad Farazollahi
Nicholas Gottlund – Living
Re Focus – symposium on photography
Kaja Leijon – Another World
Morten Andenæs and Ivan Galuzin
Morten Andenæs – green apples / blue sky
Thora Dolven Balke – Attachments
Marthe Elise Stramrud – Sponge Relief
Kaja Leijon – Wasteland
Lina Scheynius – Exhibition 02 (excerpts from the diary series)
Linn Pedersen – Sedimentality
Mårten Lange – Another Language
Fair participation at Unseen Amsterdam
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson – double book launch
Stian Ådlandsvik & Lutz-Rainer Müller – Silk & Sour
Johan Rosenmunthe – Silent Counts
Espen Gleditsch – Nostalgia – Booklaunch
Emil Salto – Untitled Drama
Ola Rindal – Invisible (pictures for an untold story) Booklaunch
Espen Dietrichson – Preparations For an Endless Repetition
Marthe Elise Stramrud – Livingroom Poetics
Linda Hofvander – Tangible Truths
Espen Gleditsch – PARALLAX
Linn Pedersen – The Trouble with Matter
Verena Winkelmann – Photography as a serial act
Oscar Qvale – Listen to the Heart of Darkness
Arja Hyytiäinen – Notes
MILKSHAKE#2 – Scandinavian Forest
David Schoerner – May All Your Dreams Come True
Ingvild Langgård – Half-Sick of Shadows
Ola Rindal – Night Visions
Johan Bergström, Mårten Lange, Signe Vad
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson – From a Point to Another / Material Studies
Mattias F. Josefsson – The Matter of Going Somewhere
Tony Kristensson – Rummet
Katinka Goldberg – Still Movement
Geir Moseid – Plucked
Marius Ektvedt – National Park
Morten Andenæs – mutual exclusion

MELK has exhibited work by the following artists:

André Tehrani – Arja Hyytiäinen – Carl Oliver Ander – David Schoerner – Emil Salto – Erik Friis Reitan – Espen Dietrichson – Espen Gleditsch – Flemming Ove Bech – Geir Moseid – Hannah Whitaker – Ida Andersson – Ingrid Eggen – Ingvild Langgård – Ingvild Kaldal & Kim Westerström – Ignas Krunglevicius – Ivan Galuzin – Johan Bergström – Johan Rosenmunthe – John Cage – Kaja Leijon – Kamilla Langeland – Katinka Goldberg – Kristina Bengtsson – Lina Scheynius – Linda Hofvander – Linn Pedersen – Marius Ektvedt – Markus von Platen – Marthe Elise Stramrud – Mattias F. Josefsson – Nicholas Gottlund – Nicolai Howalt – Nora Joung – Morten Andenæs – Mårten Lange – Ola Rindal – Ole Martin Lund Bø – Oscar Qvale – Randi Nygård – Sandra Vaka Olsen – Signe Vad – Stian Ådlandsvik & Lutz-Rainer Müller – Susanne M. Winterling – Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson – Thora Dolven Balke – Tony Kristensson – Trine Søndergaard – Verena Winkelmann

MELK is an artist run space in Oslo since 2009, and the leading initiative for new Scandinavian photography. Our aim is to raise awarness of the scene of contemporary photographers in the region and the position of the medium today. We do this through exhibition projects in-house, external curatorial projects, art and book fairs, publishing and the like.

MELK does not accept unsolicited exhibition proposals.

       The MELK family:

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