Dev Dhunsi

Dev Dhunsi makes large installations, combines textiles, lens-based works, and experimental printing techniques into mixed media presentations. The images themselves speak to sociopolitical and anthropological questions that exist beyond the picture’s frame. Dhunsi’s works examine identity, origin, and encounters between cultures, exp loring the cultural bridge between his ancestries and upbringing in the physical landscapes of Scandinavia and the techno- and mediascapes of Asia. Dhunsi explores how a site turns into sight, pointing to photography’s intrinsic historical function of land grabbing, and how photographic representations have been used to serve the interests of dominant power structures.

Working with cameras he focuses on what is outside the picture frame or on other-than-human beings, such as minerals, spirits, textiles, and ancestors. Creating site- and time-specific works that can be experienced through multisensory channels. By giving visibility to images that morph, decay, and evolve, his ecosystems highlight the intimate yet expansive coexistence among diverse beings, acknowledging our shared and continuous participation in the processes of living, dying, and decomposing.

Dev Dhunsi (b. 1996) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and has been educated at the Oslo National Academy of The Arts and The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He has recently explored the distribution and attitudes towards photography and textile production creating a symbiotic relationship between the two mediums, while simultaneously looking at the world through a lens of queer theories and diasporic gaze. Recent exhibitions include: Fotogalleriet (Oslo; NO), Mint abf (Stockholm; SE), MELK (Oslo; NO), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo; NO), National Sports Museum in Stockholm (SE; Stockholm).

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