Sandra Vaka Olsen

Sandra Vaka Olsen
Jugs at MELK

October 14 – November 13 2016

MELK presents new work by Sandra Vaka Olsen comprised of c-prints with photograms, housed in plastic bodies with carved out markings.

Sweat, slurp, spill, and why wet feels wet? Though it seems obvious, the notion of wetness is quite a feat as our skin has no receptors for such. Scientists propose that the perception of wetness correlates with our ability to sensePreview Changestemperatures and tactile sensations such as pressure and texture. Feels.

Does this block of wetness come from the constant circulation of humidity, in our sweat drops, in our body, in our rivers? Alas! The water is owned by no one.

The construction of the jug, is as old as human civilization. Making the jug the start of a capitalist market. A container. To water out is a way to profit, but how does one water out water?

Sandra Vaka (b.1980 Stavanger) works in Berlin and Copenhagen. Her first institutional solo exhibition was last year at Rogaland Contemporary Art Centre in Stavanger, Norway, following her solo show Through Air at Frankfurt Am Main, Berlin. Recently her work has been included in exhibitions at Kunstverein Nürnberg, Kunstnerenes Hus, Oslo; Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer and Stavanger Art Museum. She is educated at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen. Jugs is Sandra Vaka Olsens’ first solo exhibition in Oslo.

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