Ole Martin Lund Bø
Ping pong belong

Ole Martin Lund Bø, MELK 2016, from the series Ping pong belong

August 18 – September 11 2016

In Ole Martin Lund Bø’s Ping pong belong photographs of seemingly random objects are printed on canvas and combined with selected paint swatches. The applied colored fields are carefully chosen excerpts from the printed images. The selections of colors painted on the canvas are thence dictated by the colors which appear in the photographs.

Ole Martin Lund Bø’s new works create a notion that the captured image continuously creates other sensory substitutions. Other parts, other elements not directly integrated into that which forms the basic matter, seem to be reminiscences of another form, thought or investigation that the belonging is directed towards, or that it, by the end, finally will return to.

Even images that lack an attentively constructed composition imply a future vantage point for other forms and imagery symbols. The photography actualizes a temporal mark that brings the applied colors into being and the colored fields point backwards towards a momentary captured past. Engaging the spectator in questions beyond the media-specific limits of photography and painting.

The gesture of each brushstroke invokes a sense that the printed image expands upon the spectator. As the painting comes into being the attention to the meticulous details of each image also becomes clearer. By using the captured images’ limited palette, Ole Martin Lund Bø creates a subtle, less immediate, experience where the innate qualities of the photograph gradually emerge.

The canvas becomes a latent arena of exchange, of serving and returning, where the ambiguous temporality of the two mediums becomes clear. When combined their presence seems to become more immediate, mirroring a sense of undefined continuation, while still belonging to the moment of reflection.

Ole Martin Lund Bø (b.1973) lives in Havana, Cuba and Oslo, Norway. His work has been exhibited extensively across Germany and Norway. He had his first solo show in New York presented by Denny Gallery in 2013 and participated in the collaborative project Elastic Measures at Sinne, Helsinki, in 2014. Ping pong belong is Bø’s first solo exhibition in Oslo since Pull down the blinds at Christian Torp Gallery in 2012.