Kamilla Langeland
Cuckoo in the weed warbler’s nest

Oh Sweet Liberty I Ate Thou All (2017)
Silver gelatin baryta print tinted with oil, mounted on aluminum, hand carved solid wood, brass,140x70cm

August 18 – September 10 2017

MELK is proud to present Kamilla Langelands first solo exhibition in Oslo since her MFA at Bergen Academy of Art, titled Cuckoo in the weed warbler’s nest.

Oh sweet liberty I ate thou all

…..who am I to know it all. The eggs are waiting, nesting, longing. Cuckoo, Cuckoo. Cuckoo. 3 am. Did you set the clock? You have failed in love; now you will fail in catching the bus as well. The ticking sound annoys me, comforts me, confuses me. Trying to distinguish between thought and reality. Clever madness, a witch in the mirror. Where the greens are growing and mycelium is spreading. The sunset burning into deep brown eyes. Vaping. Peppermint! After the Queen, another epileptic fit. The sound of burning wood, ash on wood. A cuckoo in the weed warbler’s nest. After killing a moose; cut the stomach up to the ribs and pull out the guts. The heart is protein, give it to the dog along with her liver and kidneys.

Kamilla Langeland (b.1989, Kongsvinger) lives and works in Bergen. Langeland holds a BFA from The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo and graduated from The Academy of Art and Design in Bergen. Langeland takes use of found objects and personal belongings in her large-scale silver gelatin prints. These collages are often combining snapshots, large format negatives, photograms, scientific photographs and vintage negatives. Some of the prints are hand-colored with pigments and embedded in wood frames. Mainly concerned with freedom of the individual; her work deals with subjects such as psychology, gender identity, science and altered states of consciousness. Her work can be seen as free association, dream analysis, symbols, memories and reflections. Recently her work has been included in exhibitions at Olivier Debré Contemporary Art Centre, Tours; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; Preus Museum, Horten; Entrée, Bergen and Knipsu, Bergen.

The exhibition is generously supported by The Arts Council Norway, and Vederlagsfondet.