Espen Dietrichson
Preparations For an Endless Repetition


September 14 – October 14 2012
Preview September 14, 7pm – 9pm

MELK is proud to present Espen Dietrichson with the exhibition titled Preparations For an Endless Repetition

In Dietrichson’s photomontages, geometric elements of construction are given an antagonistic function: they are set to split the image into abstract entities.

When one removes the discourse of architecture and focuses only on buildings mere formal qualities, the original narrative of its space disappears. Consequently, the building is left as sculpture. By focusing on formality in architectural images, manipulating them, and make the observer question things taken for granted, Dietrichson creates a universe of cityscapes, resulting in a new urban narrative within his work. He brings forth a new visual focus and hope for the spectator in the urban jungle.

Now man can be opposed to himself in a twofold manner: either as a savage, when his feelings rule over his principles; or as a barbarian, when his principles destroy his feelings. The savage despises art, and acknowledges nature as his despotic ruler; the barbarian laughs at nature, and dishonours it, but he often proceeds in a more contemptible way than the savage, to be the slave of his senses. The cultivated man makes of nature his friend, and honours its friendship, while only bridling its caprice.

Friedrich Schiller, Letters upon the Aesthetic Education of Man (1795)

Dietrichson has worked with sculpture, installation, drawing and photomontages since his first exhibition titled Debut at gallery 21:25 in Oslo in 2001. Simultaneously with Preparations For an Endless Repetition at MELK, Dietrichson presents a solo-show at Gallery Roger Tator in Lyon, France.

Espen Dietrichson (1976, Arendal) received his master in Fine Art from the Academy of Fine Art Oslo in 2004 and has exhibited widely across Norway and in cities like Paris, Malmö, and Lyon.