Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius - untitled (diary), 2015 27 x 40 cm - C-print, Ed. 3 + 2 AP

May 24 – June 16 2019

MELK is proud to present the second solo presentation at the gallery with Lina Scheynius tilted Crystalline.

For more than a decade Lina Scheynius has recorded herself and her surroundings. Capturing scenes from her daily life with openness and honesty. Sensitive moments, quiet chaos – where the lines between the personal and private are blurred. 

Scheynius’s world of imagery is a deeply personal and frank visual diary, wholly representational of the current zeitgeist. By way of a narrative fluidity, her images transport the onlooker into the artist’s intimate world, sharing some of the most private details of her life. The surprisingly strong sexual undertones and refreshingly explicit but poised nudity challenges the traditional understanding of the female role as the inactive and objectified. In her recent works, she takes this notion further by using double exposures mixed with her documentary style, as if a transformation is taking place–and we can be the voyeurs in her process. 

Lina Scheynius was born in 1981 in Vänersborg, Sweden. She lives and works in London.
Scheynius’ work was introduced to a broader audience through her column in Zeit Magazin in 2012. She has published her works in artist books continuously since 2008. Recent exhibitions include institutions and galleries such as Christophe Guye Galerie, Zürich, Tanja Wagner Gallery, Berlin, Somerset House, London, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Haus der Photographie, Hamburg, Brandt Museum of Photographic Art, Odense, MUSA, Vienna, Foam, Amsterdam and Fotografiska, Stockholm.

MELK is supported by Arts Council Norway.