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MELK is an artist run initiative for new Scandinavian photography. The aim for the initiative is to raise awarness of the scene of contemporary photographers in the region and the position of the medium today, in a contemporary context. We do this through exhibition projects in-house, external curatorial projects, art and book fairs, book projects etc.

We are currently supported by the Arts Council Norway.


Waldemar Thranes gate 51, Oslo

Phone: +47 4591 0856
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MELK does not accept unsolicited exhibition proposals.

The MELK family:

  • Behzad Farazollahi, founding partner and director:
  • Bjarne Bare, founding partner:
  • Christian Tunge, project coordinator:
  • Thyra Dragseth, gallery assistant
  • Lesia Vasylchenko, gallery assistant

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